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Chartering Jets With Crypto


As some people continue to resist coming to terms with the fact that spending crypto is possible; others have gone full throttle with the implementation of accepting and spending crypto. So much, so that it is now possible to buy or charter jets with crypto. 

Enabling crypto payments for high-quantity transactions is also proving to be the most efficient. While wire transfers or credit card payments are time-consuming or flat-out impossible for thousands to millions of dollar transactions, it’s no surprise that crypto might be the best solution. 

Facilitating Jet Payments:

Jet buyers and sellers are able to place deposits and purchase jets with crypto. They can use their preferred cryptocurrency from any digital wallet.

Jet buyers send their crypto online or in person via a payment terminal to send the funds. Received in a matter of minutes is any quantity from anywhere in the world. ForumPay’s unique technology instantly converts crypto into fiat at the best available conversion rate for deposit with a charter company’s bank to complete the transaction.

ForumPay recently partnered with ECS Jets to enable crypto payments for jet purchases. A recent interview with ECS Jet’s CEO, Jason Johnson, revealed that the demand for smoother, less time-consuming, and cost-effective jet payments are the key to increasing their client base and chartering turnover.

“Price points are high for jet charters and people have to already pay high fees for wire transfers.  This makes it easier, more affordable, and more comfortable to make transactions.”

Are people actually chartering jets with crypto?

In fact, yes! Due to the ease and convenience of crypto payments for high-value purchases, many clients have requested to pay in crypto. Installing a ForumPay crypto payment gateway makes it easy as the company won’t have to receive such high values in crypto and manage it. The funds are instantly converted into fiat at the best available rate, no matter the amount, and settled into the business’s bank account at the end of each day.

Jason Johnson of ECS Jets said; “We want to be ahead of the curve and crypto is the way to be.  It’s the easiest transaction between a vendor and a client. ForumPay stood out with its customer service, friendly demeanor, and knowledge of the product.  They are easy to work with and I am confident that we made the right decision.”

As of now, six high-value transactions have been made with crypto through ForumPay for chartering jets and are recorded as the fastest high-value digital transactions yet.


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