Empowering consumers,

enabling merchants 

Of the six characteristics of money, crypto is undeniably superior to all other currencies in five of those characteristics (uniformity, portability, durability, limited supply and divisibility). The sixth and more problematic characteristic for crypto is acceptability, also referred to as fungibility. As a consumer or merchant, prior to ForumPay, you simply could not use crypto in your daily life in the way you could use credit/debit cards, cash or even checks.

Now you have something better than all of these:


ForumPay provides the software and platform which empowers consumers to purchase goods and services using their preferred crypto currency with their preferred wallet, while seamlessly enabling the merchant to receive payments for those goods and services in their preferred currency in their preferred bank account.

The conversion of crypto into the merchant’s preferred currency is instantaneous – there is no exchange risk!

ForumPay is not tied to one cryptocurrency or one traditional currency. It is not tied to a proprietary application or a single bank.

ForumPay is the catalyst for the democratization of money.

The ForumPay team

Joshua Tate – Chief Executive Officer

Malcolm St. John – Chief Financial Officer

Doron Paz – Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Mitzner – Director of Communications

Dainis Ledgers – Consumer Specialist

ForumPay is the catalyst for the democratization of money.

We strongly support

animal rights

We believe that animals should be treated with care and respect, which is why a portion of our profits goes to animal rights groups.