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Purchase cryptocurrency or take out cash

Easily purchase cryptocurrency with cash or take cash out when traveling abroad at lower rates.

Cash for crypto in seconds

ForumPay’s cryptocurrency ATMs function as both an ATM and an exchange bureau. Each ATM has its own blockchain address, so crypto users can send their crypto to that specific ATM to then take out the cash in the currency of their choice at much lower fees than a traditional exchange bureau. Want to purchase crypto? New crypto consumers can purchase crypto with cash without having to go through a crypto exchange.

Physical exchange support for: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash & Dash.

Physical exchange support for: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash & Dash.

Individual blockchain addresses for each payment & automatic confirmations of crypto payments.

Admin dashboard for monitoring transactions, exchange rates, billing, balance, reports.

Crypto to cash

Consumer walks into exchange office with any crypto wallet.

Scans the QR code generated by ForumPay to sell crypto for cash.

Currency exchange receives the payment and pays out to the consumer in cash.

Cash to crypto

Consumer walks into exchange office with dollars/euros and any crypto wallet.

Selects the crypto and pays the exchange office in dollars/euros.

Exchange or ATM scans the consumer’s QR code in the wallet to award the crypto using ForumPay technology.

Highly secure & compliant


Two-factor authentification
protection & login notifications.



Website data transmitted
via encrypted TLS.



Crash proof &
segmented network.



Authorised & licensed in the EU to conduct crypto/fiat exchange services.


Frequently asked questions

As you might’ve guessed, a cryptocurrency ATM is a machine that functions much like a regular ATM. You can go to one and exchange your crypto for fiat currency (cash), or visa versa. However, you don’t actually connect to a financial institution, as crypto networks are decentralized. Essentially, you can buy and sell cryptos, meaning you won’t have to be at home behind a computer screen to do so.

One of the best benefits of crypto ATMs is the  super-fast transactions. When you use a cryptocurrency exchange on your computer, the verification processes and transactions can be very slow. Another benefit is that you can get cash in hand instantly. Whereas when you use exchanges on your computer, that money only exists in digital form. Also, some cryptocurrency ATMs don’t ask users to verify their identities. If you’re looking to keep your transactions anonymous, this can be a better choice than using crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin ATMs are one of the safest ways to buy, send or sell Bitcoin. First, instant transactions protect you from Bitcoin’s volatility. Secondly, passwords and two-factor authentication protect your account from others.