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Why accept cryptocurrency ?

The cryptocurrency consumer market remains an untapped resource in the world of commerce. Generate new sales and create deep and lasting relationships with your customers by being an early adopter of crypto.

200 Million Crypto Customers

Tap into this growing base of consumers with existing wallets.

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ForumPay instantly converts crypto to Fiat so you never have to worry about holding crypto

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All crypto transactions are final and cannot be frauded. Never experience a chargeback again.

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Lower Transaction Fees

ForumPay has a fixed discount rate, lower than traditional payment options, with no hidden transactional fees.

No Exchange Risk

We guarantee the best crypto to fiat exchange rate in real-time.

Daily Access to Funds

No waiting for settlement. ForumPay settles your funds, directly to your bank account every night.



The Facts

Source: Cryptocurrencies and Monetary Policy – Monetary Dialogue July 2018 issued by the European Parliament

1 + Million
crypto consumers
1 Trillion