Simple, secure, contactless payments

ForumPay allows crypto consumers and traditional merchants to come together for a seamless and instant transaction.

What is ForumPay?

ForumPay empowers consumers to purchase goods and services using their preferred cryptocurrency with their preferred wallet, while seamlessly enabling the Merchant to receive payments for those goods and services in their preferred currency in their preferred bank account. Merchants will receive the sales price in the currency of their choice securely and without delay.

How does ForumPay work?

If you’re a Merchant, ForumPay integrates into your existing website, POS, smartphone or tablet. Simply ring up the transaction normally, and the ForumPay platform will generate a QR code for your customer to scan and pay.

Step 1 The Merchant rings up the transaction, and the consumer opens their crypto wallet.
Step 2 ForumPay generates a QR code, which the consumer scans to effect payment.
Step 3 Funds are transferred from the customer’s crypto wallet into the Merchant’s account.

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