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Paying With Crypto


We can go on all day about the formalities and technicalities of crypto payments, but how about painting a clear picture instead? Yeah, that sounds refreshing – let’s dive right in!

Deciding To Pay With Crypto

You bought some crypto a couple of years ago and have been sitting on it. Ignoring that we are in a bear market right now, for story’s sake, let’s pretend you have multiplied those funds extensively and are finally ready to invest in an asset. Let’s say that asset is a house. 

You start house hunting and land on the property of your dreams. It’s perfect and move-in ready! So you go to your title company to inform them you are ready to buy your first home…” in crypto?? Are you crazy?” your agent will say. 

Paying With Crypto

Of course, you want to pay in crypto! That’s where you have the fat funds saved, and you know that cashing out is not the best option. So your agent will ask, “how do you plan on doing that?” and you will break it down simply.

Step 1: Install ForumPay

Although your agent might not be well versed in crypto payments, it won’t matter! Inform them that they can install ForumPay’s crypto payment gateway because it’s free, open to all cryptos and wallets, and instantly converts crypto to cash at the best rate. Neither the agency nor the seller need to receive their payments in crypto – they get the exact cash amount due at closing. 

Step 2: Transaction Prep

Now that your agent can receive the crypto payment, it’s time to prep the transaction. To avoid the volatility of the ever-changing crypto market, move your crypto funds to a stablecoin. You know that that is better than cashing out, and your funds are still kept in crypto without the risk of the value shifting while the transaction is underway. 

Your agent then writes ForumPay with your name and the value of the payment to let them know you plan to complete a real estate transaction. 

Step 3: Final Payment

It’s time to make the payment. Your agent will simply request the funds from your wallet where your stablecoins are ready to rumble. You accept the request and send the funds to the ForumPay generated address. The funds immediately convert to the cash equivalent at the best rate and settle in the title company’s bank account at closing. 


The easiest way to make large-sum payments is through crypto—no middlemen, no chargeback risk, no maxing out, no hidden fees. Crypto gets right to the point! Considering how simple a crypto transaction can be with ForumPay, there is no excuse to stay behind. It’s free, safe, and easy! So learn more at ForumPay and start accepting crypto today! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more!


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


Crypto is the new black. It’s as popular as it was 10 years ago and continues to trend as more businesses accept crypto payments