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Crypto Payments: Chartering Yachts Made Easy


It’s summertime which means it’s also time to charter a yacht and set sail! Although an ideal plan, it’s no secret that chartering a yacht can prove a long and disagreeable payment experience. Crypto payments dodge complications, and here is how.

Yacht Chartering

August is rolling in, and it’s time to take the family to southern Europe for a perfect summer getaway. Once there sipping on a fresh spritz and taking in the coastal landscape of the Mediterranean, you’re inspired to spontaneously upgrade your experience and charter a yacht for the whole family! 

You make your way down to the yacht club for some information. To your luck, there is a yacht ready to take you wherever you desire. Paperwork is done, crew in check, inspection underway, and all left to do is pay. Easy! Or so you think.

First, you pull out your trusty American Express black card! Unfortunately, it’s not accepted for such high quantities in most European businesses due to high fees. Okay, no problem, you decide to call your bank to make a wire transfer. Unfortunately, because of the time difference, your bank cannot process the payment until the following morning, which doesn’t meet the terms of the down payment; even if they were able to do so, the amount would take up to three business days to arrive.

So you go to your last resort: cash! Between the money you have and the currency you can withdraw from the bank, you can be at sea by the early afternoon! So you run down to the bank and request enough cash to make the initial chartering payment – but, once again, you run into an issue. The bank can’t supply you with that amount of money on such short notice, so close to European bank closing hours. If only it were 2005 and you had a check on you – but even then, there are no guarantees! Agh! 

You go back to negotiate with the chartering company when they give you the option of paying with crypto. Although you have crypto, you’re initially hesitant; you decide to bite the bullet and hear them out. They explain that crypto is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to process payments of such high value at such short notice. In addition, they explain that customers can make payments risk-free through their partnership with ForumPay.  

How ForumPay Facilitates High-Value Payments Through Crypto

  • No spending limits: Unlike credit cards, customers can send any amount of crypto anytime without complications or extra fees.
  • Instant price determination and conversion: ForumPay technology instantly converts crypto into equivalent cash amounts at the best rate available when a purchase is made, eliminating the risk of value fluctuation.
  • Guaranteed bank settlement: All crypto payments are converted to the currency of the chartering company’s choice and settled into their bank account daily.
  • No intermediaries: Crypto payments instantly move from one account to another without mediators, which means no time wasted or extra fees.
  • No international restrictions: Cryptocurrencies are borderless, making payments from anywhere in the world seamless. All that is required is a crypto wallet.
  • Quick processing: Thanks to instant price determination and blockchain efficiency, payments are confirmed and settled within minutes, which is a win-win for both parties.

Processing A Crypto Payment

Your family is tired, the crew is awaiting your arrival, and you have enough crypto to make the initial payment, so go for it! The chartering company sets up the payment details, presents you with a QR code, and scans it with your crypto wallet. Within minutes, your payment is accepted, and you are ready to board the ship!

Crisis averted, and you can settle back into your ideal summer vacation worry-free. Next stop, Sardinia!

To start accepting crypto for yacht chartering customers, visit www.ForumPay.com to learn more!


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