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Why You Should Adopt Crypto


Sure! Adopting crypto has some incredible perks and if you want a full list of the benefits of cryptocurrency, check out in our website. In this article, however, we’re going to zone in on what crypto is going to become, how it’s being implemented around the world, and why you really don’t want to be left behind. 

Whether you accept crypto payments or pay for goods with crypto the adoption and circulation of cryptocurrencies… yes, cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin… are crucial to understanding why it’s not as complicated as some may make it seem. 

What Will Crypto Become? 

It’s very easy to get sucked into the sometimes aggressive cryptocurrency culture of financial advice, specs, and predictions; but that’s beside the point. The fundamental point right now is that those who don’t adopt or circulate crypto will be left behind. 

Left behind? Yes, left behind. 

Look at it this way: at one point credit cards were exclusive and only accepted in very few places. When the opportunity to spend funds that aren’t readily available at the ease of a swipe and as light as a playing card arose for the masses, credit cards inevitably took over. 

Despite the fees, interest rates, long transaction times, bank obligations, and risk of fraud, credit cards continue to be one of the most used payment methods. Nowadays, when you go out for a meal or shopping and a place doesn’t take credit cards, it’s an opportunity for that business to deny money and clients. And of course, that’s one side of the coin. It’s the same for those who qualify for and don’t have a credit card. You’re risking depending solely on available funds and denying building a credit score for future investments. 

With that in mind, crypto adoption is about to surpass the credit card industry for those same reasons, but with even cleaner benefits and control over funds. Eventually, if you don’t operate with crypto in some way or another, you will become that one place that doesn’t accept it and lose clients to those that do. The same goes for the spender: if you don’t add crypto as a primary option to pay, you are also restricted to available cash funds or high-cost credit cards. Having the option to pay with any cryptocurrency from any wallet is key.

Why Any Cryptocurrency?

Crypto is volatile. Even the most invested enthusiasts and connoisseurs will tell you that. But not all cryptocurrency faces the same level of value fluctuation risk. Different cryptocurrencies and networks offer different advantages. One of the more interesting ways to keep your crypto but avoid high risk is with stablecoins.

Cryptocurrencies sometimes plummet and sometimes skyrocket which is one reason why a lot of people don’t see the benefit of it. But stablecoins are hedged to an asset making it unlikely to drastically fluctuate in value. A common way to use stablecoins is to exit (move funds out of a network) at moments of high volatility and easily reenter (move funds back into a network) when you want without the value shifting. That means people don’t have to keep their funds in a hostile situation if they want to spend them, like with Bitcoin from time to time.

They can move some of their funds to a stablecoin like USDT and pay directly with their stablecoins! Or other cryptos! Essentially, you’d never have to find yourself checking your bank balance, credit balance, or counting cash to know if you can have one more glass of wine or extra guac. The funds are there, immediately accessible, and acceptable.

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Whether you’re in favor of investing in crypto or simply accepting it, adopting and circulating crypto is inevitable. If you want to learn more about all things crypto, click here!
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