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What Can You Buy With Crypto?


More like: “what can’t you buy with crypto?”

Crypto payment gateways are surfacing all over the place as an additional source for merchants to make money and spenders to have funds acceptable anywhere. 

Essentially in the future, the idea is that any good or service can be paid for with cryptocurrency like any other form of payment. As the years go by you may notice more places accepting crypto, and more people paying in crypto. 

Are people actually spending with crypto? 

According to our crypto spending report, 70% of crypto consumers are spending their digital funds, not holding. In July 2021, Visa announced that over $1 billion had been spent since they added a crypto option. So yes, crypto is being spent… and a lot!

As of now not everywhere accepts crypto payments, but a lot of places are! Here is a list of well-known places amongst MANY others that accept crypto payments as of now:

Where can people spend crypto?

  • Microsoft
    • Since 2014 Microsoft has been using bitcoin for Xbox Store, and although they put it hold temporarily due to the “hostile environment” they are accepting bitcoin payments again for Xbox store credits. And that’s not all, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has been caught repeating “Bitcoin is better than currency” multiple times… so, what could that entail? 
  • Overstock
    • The American furniture retail company not only accepts bitcoin payments, but also holds bitcoin as well, which gives some tell that they are in for the long run.
  • Home Depot
    • Home Depot is the number one hardware store chain in the USA and accepts bitcoin payments, meaning you can refurbish your home entirely with crypto currency – how about that?
  • Starbucks
    • You can now grab your morning venti mocha frappuccino light whip with extra chocolate swirl and sprinkles via the Starbucks app powered by Bakkt. No need to call up your bank to justify your well-deserved coffee runs anymore; pay in bitcoin instead!
  • Whole Foods
    • After swinging by for your morning coffee, head over to Whole Foods, digital wallet at hand, and buy some organic 85% dark chocolate and wild caught salmon with your bitcoin as well.
  • AT&T
    • As the first major mobile service provider across the USA, AT&T now offers their clients the option to pay in bitcoin.

From cell phones to food and beverages; from hardware to subscriptions you can buy anything with crypto! 

What’s next?

Those are just some providers currently enabling crypto payments, but crypto payments can be found in industries like real estate, yachts, jets, gaming, luxury goods, cannabis and so much more! Visit ForumPay’s site under the industries menu for more!

Opening your doors to the millions of crypto spenders is easier than ever with ForumPay! 

Encourage your favorite stores and services to benefit from crypto payments by telling them about ForumPay. Visit us at www.forumpay.com and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more on all things crypto! 


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


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