Learn how easy it is for players to fund their accounts with crypto

Increase player deposits and loyalty with crypto

ForumPay helps many of the biggest names in online gaming optimize player revenue with our high-performing cryptocurrency fund depositing platform. Our proprietary transactional technology will help you grow your player income while greatly mitigating your risk and exposure.

Reliable Transactions

Your peace of mind
  • Crypto transactions are virtually frictionless and approve much higher rates than traditional methods like credit cards
  • Every transaction processed is analyzed for the source of funds to ensure their legitimacy.
  • More safe, approved and guaranteed transactions mean faster, easier access to funding for your players.

Fast Settlement

Liquidity Matters
  • Unlike credit cards, ForumPay settles each day’s transactions, the same day.
  • Our technology instantly converts crypto transactions to the currency of your choice and moves those funds into your account.
  • Every night those funds are then settled directly into your bank account. No more reserves or hold back and no more waiting weeks for your hard-earned money.

No Fraud / Chargebacks

Simpler business
  • The nature of cryptocurrency payments and the blockchain make it virtually fraud proof. If you receive an authorized transaction you can rest assured, it was made by the player.
  • All ForumPay payments are final and a refund or chargeback can never be initiated by the consumer.
  • No more leakage of funds from chargeback fees and representments.

Unleash the power of crypto to drive more revenue

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