POS Integration

Three integration options
Countless of new opportunities

  • Dedicated Terminal
  • Existing POS
  • Web / App

Dedicated Terminal

If you don’t currently have an existing POS terminal, ForumPay can provide a dedicated device with the ForumPay payment solution pre-loaded and ready to run. Out of the box and onto your counter, you will be taking crypto transactions in a matter of minutes.

  • Recommended if you don't have an existing POS terminal

    Ideal for those looking for a single hardware and software solution.

  • Up and running within minutes

    Unpack, power on, and you're ready to take crypto transactions!

  • No configuration needed

    We pre-configure your device for you.

Existing POS

ForumPay can easily integrate with your existing POS platform.  Our open API provides a simple means for you to expand your payments ecosystem to include cryptocurrency. If you are using an off-the-shelf system, we may already be integrated.  If we aren’t, we have experience working with the top POS providers in the business and are happy to work with your partner as well.  Contact us today to learn more about our POS options.

  • Recommended for upgrading existing POS platforms

    Our open API will be the ideal tool for upgrading your existing platform to handle Crypto payments.

  • Determined on a case by case basis

    Implementation time depends on your type of POS.

  • Different configuration options

    We may already be integrated if you use an off-the-shelf system, otherwise our team will be happy to cooperate with your POS providers for providing documentation and support on API integration.

Web Terminal and Mobile Apps

As long as you have a browser and internet connection you can easily generate payments using ForumPay’s web-based terminal.  Just login to the ForumPay admin, click on the payments tab and with just a click you can generate a QR code for your consumer to scan to make a payment. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can install the ForumPay App from the Google Play or Apple’s AppStore. Once installed you will be able to generate QR codes quickly and easily right on your mobile device.

  • Recommended for minimal setups

    Works for anyone with an internet connection and a web browser, android, or iOS device.

  • Up and running within minutes

    Simply open your web browser or download the App.

  • No configuration needed

    You'll be up and running in no time.