Unleash a new market with ForumPay

We enable Merchants to receive payments for goods and services in their preferred currency and in their preferred bank account, when consumers want to pay using crypto.

ForumPay Merchant Benefits

Generate new sales and create deep and lasting relationships with your customers by being an early adopter of crypto.

No chargebacks

Unfortunately, chargebacks have become an accepted cost of doing business in traditional credit card transactions. You no longer have to accept the status quo. ForumPay guarantees you that funds will not be reversed from your account.

Lower Fees

ForumPay transaction fees are lower than traditional credit card processing fees due to the simplicity of the transaction. We pass those savings on to you. Additionally, there are no hidden fees. You pay a single, flat percentage of sales. Nothing else! */

No exchange risk

Real time payments in the currency of your choice with zero exchange risk.

ForumPay also brings you these great features:

 Daily access to your funds

Sales proceeds deposited in your bank account every night.

 No hardware to install

ForumPay can be easily integrated into your existing POS system or website as well as your smartphone, tablet or other device.

 Get paid in the currency of your choice

Give your customers the convenience of paying using crypto, while the funds are transferred to your bank account in your chosen currency.

 Unlock 50 million new customers

There are more than 50 million crypto consumers in the marketplace spending in excess of $3.4 trillion* annually.

*Source: Cryptocurrencies and monetary policy – Monetary Dialogue July 2018 issued by the European Parliament

How does ForumPay work?

If you’re a Merchant, ForumPay integrates into your existing website, POS, smartphone or tablet. Simply ring up the transaction normally, and the ForumPay platform will generate a QR code for your customer to scan and pay.

Step 1 Select ForumSale on your POS terminal, smartphone or other device to generate the ForumPay QR code.
Step 2 Present the ForumPay QR code to your customers. They can scan it using their mobile phones.
Step 3 You’re done! You will receive payment directly in your account, in your preferred currency.

Signing up is easy…

Getting started with ForumPay is as easy as 1, 2, … There is NO 3!

Instantaneous reporting so you’re always up to date

Get instant and simple reporting at your fingertips through ForumPay’s dashboard. All you need in one report.

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