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United Yacht Sales Now Accepts Crypto Payments With ForumPay

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ForumPay announced that United Yacht Sales is now enabled to accept crypto payments

Customers of the largest network of yacht buyers and sellers are able to place deposits and purchase boats with crypto. They can use their preferred cryptocurrency from any digital wallet.

Boat buyers merely scan the QR code presented online via an email payment link or in person via a payment terminal to send the funds. ForumPay technology instantly converts the crypto into fiat at the best available conversion rate for deposit with United Yacht Sales’ bank to complete the transaction. 

Press Release

Read more about this partnership in the latest press release, here

And read more about buying a yacht with crypto at United Yacht Sales in their latest blog post, here.

Accept crypto today! Visit www.forumpay.com to sign up or talk to a sales representative to answer all your questions about implementing ForumPay in your business!

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