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Human Touch System x ForumPay


Sometimes seen as a slow-moving and more traditional sector regarding technological innovation, the hospitality industry has recently been thrust into the era of web3, crypto, and blockchain solutions. Businesses all over the world, from hotels and restaurants to bars and private accommodations, are beginning to embrace innovative technologies following demand from consumers and travelers. One innovative company has taken this innovation to new heights, creating a seamless, fully integrated system to manage guests’ arrival, departure, and payments. Human Touch System has developed a program that streamlines the hotel or restaurant experience for both hospitality staff and guests, allowing them to skip the queues at the front desk and settle their bills using their preferred payment method. 

As of Spring 2024, Human Touch System has partnered with ForumPay to provide the hospitality sector with the opportunity to offer their guests crypto payments. ForumPay’s crypto payment solution is now fully integrated into their PoS and portable payment systems, allowing the establishments that use their technology to process guests’ crypto payments in seconds, with immediate confirmation and conversion into FIAT for the receiving party. In partnering with ForumPay, Human Touch System is not only embracing crypto but also setting an innovative example for the industry that prioritizes convenience, efficiency, and security.

Who is Human Touch System?

Human Touch System is based in Milan, Italy, one of Europe’s most thriving travel destinations and Italy’s most vibrant economic region. Amidst this buzzing international atmosphere, with thousands of people arriving and departing every day, their team created a comprehensive guest management and payment system with a view to enhancing the customer experience. Their software, coined EZCharge, allows hospitality staff and guests to record and track every charge related to the customer’s stay, including food and drink at the hotel restaurant, room service (with the option to leave a tip), and the hotel reservation itself. Each charge is securely validated and added to the customer’s tab using strong authentication methods, such as biometrics, a room key card, or a unique PIN code. 

The aim of this system is to streamline the guest management process and enhance the customer experience. The technology, which is fully integrated into the establishments’ PoS and PMS, allows guests to skip the queues at check-in and check-out, at the restaurant bar, or any other paid activity they offer, and pay easily and securely at a moment convenient to them. Human Touch System has now taken its technology one step further by integrating ForumPay. Inspired by guest reviews and feedback from the market, they sought a solution that would allow guests to choose crypto payments at check-out. As a secure, private, fast, and direct payment method, cryptocurrency offers guests greater flexibility and convenience, enhancing their overall experience while providing hospitality businesses with a modern, reliable, and seamless transaction process.

Market demand for crypto payments

Market demand for crypto payments in the hospitality industry is growing. To begin with, crypto payments are final, eliminating the risk of fraud or chargebacks, a crucial advantage in an industry prone to cancellations. Privacy concerns have driven demand in recent years, as some travelers prefer to stay in locations without being tracked by third parties, such as credit or debit card companies. What’s more, luxury businesses and hotels, prevalent in fashionable cities such as Milan, often cater to clients that have benefited from crypto investments and not only seek but expect modern and sophisticated payment options in order to leverage their funds. In 2024, in particular, the European hospitality sector is set to gain momentum, driven by a forecasted rise in domestic and short-haul leisure travel, a rebound in business travel, and significant events like the Olympic Games in Paris. 

Innovations in technology, such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, are beginning to impact the hospitality sector, transforming operations from room reservations to guest experiences. Cryptocurrencies offer secure, fast, and direct transactions, reducing costs, enhancing privacy, and building client trust. As travelers’ expectations for convenience and efficiency increase, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, the demand for seamless, contactless services continues to rise. Digital innovations, including crypto payments, allow businesses to enhance operational efficiency, reduce human error, and provide a safer, more satisfying guest experience, thus maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

Human Touch System x ForumPay: A winning collaboration

Following an extensive search, Human Touch System found that ForumPay was the only solution on the market that met all of their requirements, making us the perfect partner for their innovative technology. With the near-immediate confirmation of transactions made using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or USDT, ForumPay ensures businesses quick and efficient payment processing that instantly converts crypto funds into FIAT money. Our ability to convert funds instantly at the best real-time rate eliminates concerns about volatility for the receiving party, ensuring they receive the exact amount they need to charge. 

These funds are then settled into the hotel’s bank account on the following business day, making the process as straightforward as that of credit or debit card payments. Our solution also allows businesses to easily send invoices to guests via a separate link if needed and features a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall experience for both staff and guests. ForumPay APIs are fully compatible with other systems, ensuring seamless integration into both online workflows and POS systems, helping to facilitate the smooth handling of client arrivals, departures, and all transactions, now including crypto payments.

At ForumPay, we are delighted to collaborate with innovative and forward-thinking companies like Human Touch System. This partnership will henceforth offer hospitality and catering establishments the opportunity to provide their clients with the latest developments in payments and transactions technology. By integrating crypto payments, hospitality businesses will attract new consumer segments and open up new streams of revenue. Offering these modern payment solutions also helps portray the business as being in touch with market and consumer demands, showcasing their commitment to responding with innovative services. This collaboration sets a new standard in the hospitality industry, combining technological advancement with exceptional client experience provided by both Human Touch System and ForumPay.

If you are a business and have yet to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency, book a meeting with one of our crypto payment experts. They’re available to answer all your questions. Alternatively, visit forumpay.com for more information.


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