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Importance of Instant Settlement


ForumPay is the best crypto payment gateway for many reasons including instant settlement.

What do we mean by instant settlement? Well, exactly how it sounds. Unlike other crypto payment solutions, ForumPay converts the crypto amount into fiat currency the moment a purchase is made. 

Why would you want instant conversion and settlement?

For one, there is no risk of value fluctuation. As the value of cryptocurrencies is constantly fluctuating, there is a risk that the time a transaction is made the value paid could be completely different at the time of settlement. ForumPay takes that risk away by converting the crypto to cash immediately at the best rate available. Those funds accumulate throughout the day without risk of value fluctuation whatsoever and settle into the merchant’s bank account at the end of each day. 

Another benefit of instant settlement is avoiding fraudulent chargebacks. A big risk with credit or debit card payments is that a customer can reclaim funds or bounce funds that don’t exist or aren’t readily available. With ForumPay, once a transaction is made it is complete. 

Why would you want to convert crypto funds into cash?

Crypto is swiftly taking the world by storm, but it’s still in the early stages of dominating the masses. This means it’s not in every business’ favor to accumulate crypto funds when bills, orders, salaries, and taxes are paid in cash. As crypto is becoming a preferred form of payment, it should be in every business’ favor to accept it.

Crypto consumers statistically spend double the amount credit card and cash spenders do; especially when they can pay directly from their preferred wallet with any cryptocurrency. Nobody wants to deny sales, and not accepting crypto is essentially doing that. Don’t deny money anymore and get paid in the currency their business functions on. If you want more information about who is spending crypto and how much, check out this crypto spending report

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