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Crypto is Making Waves for Moving Significant Amounts of Money


The cryptocurrency space is made up of many different users: traders, investors, holders, those that use crypto as their primary currency, among others. Another profile common to all user categories is crypto whales. As the name suggests, these users are some of the largest fish in the crypto ocean regarding the size of their wallet and the transactions they make, compared to other, smaller accounts and transactions (sometimes referred to as “crypto minnows”). According to the Bitcoin Rich List, the top 2,000 Bitcoin whales represented more than 42% of all Bitcoin (as of June 2023). 

These users choose cryptocurrencies and crypto railways to move money for several reasons, including improved security, transparency, speed, cost. When it comes to moving significant amounts of money using traditional means, such as wire or bank transfers, account holders are vulnerable to expensive commission rates, delays, lengthy processing times and even infringements on privacy, especially in the case of international transactions.

In short, crypto railways make moving large assets easier, faster and cheaper. This article explores how and why they are becoming more popular than traditional transaction methods, especially among crypto whales.

What are the advantages to using crypto for large-scale transactions

To begin with, the speed of crypto railways have redefined the efficiency of financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies operate digital, decentralized networks (the blockchain) which bypass the need for intermediaries and enable almost instantaneous transactions, even across international borders. This accelerates the overall process and minimizes the delays constraints associated with traditional banking.

Moreover, the costs associated with crypto transactions are much lower than those imposed on businesses and individuals moving money across traditional banking systems. Our cryptocurrency payment gateway, ForumPay, for example, charges one low-cost, all-inclusive fee per transaction, which encompasses, among other things, the blockchain processing fee. 

The global accessibility and inclusivity inherent in cryptocurrencies also translate into financial freedom unrestricted by geographical location. The crypto infrastructure is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, fostering empowerment of each user and transcending the bureaucratic limitations of centralized banks.

Real world examples of large-scale transactions

On April 10 2020, one Bitcoin whale moved $1.1 billion worth of Bitcoin, equal to 161,500 BTC, making it the largest Bitcoin transaction in history (so far). Despite the momentous funds, the user was charged just 0.00010019 BTC (at the time around $0.68) to process this transaction. 

One June 27 2020, a different whale emptied their wallet by moving 101,857 BTC. At the time, these funds were worth some $933 million. Once again, despite the size of the transaction, the user was charged just 0.00005271 BTC in processing fees. On this date in 2020, Bitcoin was worth $37.094,08, which translates into a processing fee of $1.96.

These examples are the largest crypto transactions in terms of net worth to have been processed on the blockchain. However, the largest amount of Bitcoin to be transferred at one time was processed on the blockchain in 2011, when Bitcoin was worth considerably less that in 2020, or today. On 16 November 2011, 500,000 Bitcoins, which at that time would have been valued at around $1.13 million, were moved between two anonymous wallets.

ForumPay enables transactions worth millions

The general upward trend in crypto adoption is opening up new opportunities for crypto spending. One such opportunity is real estate. In 2022, ForumPay enabled a cryptocurrency transaction worth $5.4 million to purchase a family home in the United States. Spending significant amounts of crypto on homes and properties, high-priced goods such as yachts, or luxury services such as private jet chartering might seem far-fetched, but ForumPay simplifies the process and makes these transactions straightforward. 

  1. The buyer deposits their funds with the real estate agency, jet charter company or yacht broker using their preferred wallet and crypto.
  2. ForumPay instantly converts the crypto into fiat at the best execution rate available the moment the transaction takes place.
  3. ForumPay settles payments to the goods or service provider on the next business day, who then closes the transaction.

The potential consequences of large-scale transactions

The impact on the cryptocurrency market of moving large amounts of funds can be profound, particularly when these transactions are executed by institutional investors or well-known corporations. Given that transaction records are public, large-scale transactions are often discussed openly by cryptocurrency-focused media, and seen as a positive sign of growth and acceptance for cryptocurrencies. Such positive coverage could potentially attract new investors and contribute to the health and sustainability of the crypto market. 

Reciprocally, negative coverage can lead to a decline in demand and increase volatility, especially in markets that are already susceptible to sudden price shifts. However, this volatility, coupled with the influence of large transactions on sentiment, creates an environment that attracts traders looking to capitalize on price swings.

The advantages of using crypto railways to move substantial funds, including speed, lower costs, and global accessibility, represent a transformative shift in the financial landscape and an attractive choice for large-scale transactions. 
As the premium crypto payment solution for global businesses and payment processors, we highly recommend looking into ForumPay as a means to move large amounts of digital funds around the world. For more information on sending and receiving cryptocurrency, book a meeting with Dainis, one of our crypto payment experts to find out how. He’s available to answer all your questions. Alternatively, visit forumpay.com for more information.


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


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