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Accept crypto payments at the point of sale

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Accept crypto payments with ForumPay's mobile POS

Our Mobile POS terminal is built for minimal maintenance and long service life! This breakthrough design offers high performance and a high quality capacitive 5.5″ IPS display delivers for perfect viewing experience, even in direct sunlight!

Android 5.1

Google’s operating system for portable and touch devices makes an ideal OS for POS terminals.


Thermal printer

Thermal slip printer, 58mm paper width, 40mm Paper Diameter and 75mm/sec printing speed.


WiFi - 3G

Our mobile POS supports 3G (GSM 900/1800, WCDMA 900/2100) and Wifi (802.11 b/g/n).


Long battery life

Business continuity is key, hence a 7.4 V / 5200mAh Battery and USB charging port to keep you going!


Accept cryto payments at the point of sale

Dedicated terminal

If you don’t currently have an existing POS terminal, ForumPay can provide a dedicated device with the ForumPay payment solution pre-loaded and ready to run. Out of the box and onto your counter, you will be taking crypto transactions in a matter of minutes.

Recommended if you don't have an existing POS terminal.

Up and running within minutes.

No configuration needed.

Existing POS

ForumPay can easily integrate with your existing POS platform. Our open API provides a simple means for you to expand your payments ecosystem to include cryptocurrency. If you are using an off-the-shelf system, we may already be integrated.

Recommended for upgrading existing POS platforms.

Determined on a case by case basis.

Different configuration options.

Where are people spending crypto?

APP for iOS & Android

The quickest and easiest way to start letting your consumers pay with the cryptocurrency of their choice is by using our iOS or Android app.
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Web terminal

As long as you have a browser and internet connection you can easily generate payments using ForumPay’s web-based terminal. Just login to the ForumPay admin, click on the payments tab and with just a click you can generate a QR code for your consumer to scan to make a payment.

Recommended for minimal setups.

Up and running within minutes.

No configuration needed.

Frequently asked questions

Settlements that meet the minimum required balance are made next day.

No, ForumPay can easily be integrated into any existing payment system.

Since ForumPay instantly converts crypto to fiat and settles it to you, we recommend refunds are handled as cash.

Settlements that meet the minimum required balance are initiated daily. If you would like to settle less than the required minimum, please contact our support team directly.

No, ForumPay works on any device connected to the internet and integrates into most existing payment systems.

ForumPay simply converts crypto to fiat and settles funds for you; for refunds, we recommend they are handled in cash, but you can also refund in crypto via our fiat-to-crypto buy function.

Yes, ForumPay offers a POS terminal that can be ordered and used to accept cryptocurrency payments in person.

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