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ForumPay Spotlight: An Interview with Tasha Lewis

ForumPay Spotlight: An Interview with Tasha Lewis


Tasha Lewis, a versatile professional with a diverse background, joins us for an insightful conversation.

She’s a Ph.D. candidate and a Professor of Research for Human Resource Management. Her journey includes roles as CEO, producer, and actor with The ICC Group. Tasha also contributes to The Shoshannah Judah, Donna Seales, and Bonnie Alexander Scholarship Fund. In this interview, she discusses her mission at Stage32, the impact of cryptocurrency on her projects, and how ForumPay has benefited her endeavors. Her perspective highlights the intersection of academia, entertainment, and technology, emphasizing the power of dedication and passion in innovation.

  1. Could you provide a brief overview of your professional background and biography?

I’m a Ph.D. candidate wrapping up my coursework as a Professor of Research for Human Resource Management who also holds/ or has held the following positions CEO to staff of The ICC Group; producer to actor for The ICC Group Film Division; Chairperson to volunteer for the Shoshannah Judah, Donna Seales and Bonnie Alexander Scholarship Fund.

  1. Could you describe the primary mission and operations of your projects at Stage32?

The primary mission and operations of The ICC Group Film Division would be to develop, create, and produce films that are Binge-Worthy and that resonate with our audience and viewers in all formats which is highlighted in all the projects listed on my profile page on Stage32.com

  1. Would you share your perspective on the significance of cryptocurrency and elaborate on its impact on your projects?

Crypto has blossomed into a wonderful alternative payment system.  The ICC Group Film Division utilizes cryptocurrency in some or all formats of the 17 projects listed on my Stage 32 profile page.  

  1. How has ForumPay impacted your business? 

The importance of the partnership with Forumpay can’t be stressed enough.  The dollar value of the projects and potential savings are enormous.

For my film projects, it’s included in the Budget Challenge for filmmakers, studios, and talent on my Stage 32 Wall.  Each of my projects utilizes ForumPay payment solutions to save money and increase payment opportunities.  

Our chat with Tasha has shown the importance of adapting and innovating. With ForumPay in her toolkit, she’s changing how payments work in the film industry. We’re excited to see where she takes things next and are glad to be part of her journey.


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.

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