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ForumPay Enables USDT Tron Payments


We’d like to take the opportunity to announce that merchants and businesses processing crypto payments with ForumPay can now transact with USDT Tron!

FromPay crypto payment processing technology can enable payments with any cryptocurrency to meet the demand of crypto consumers and merchants alike, the latest addition being USDT Tron (TRON TRC20). 

USDT Tron is a stablecoin pegged to the USD and issued by Tether on the Tron network. USDT Tron is a TRC20-based token that completes issuances, holdings, and transfers via a smart contract on TRON, with a completely transparent process, zero transfer fees, and instant delivery that enables users to transact, store, and exchange value across TRON-based protocols and decentralized apps.

As stablecoins become more popular for fiat-pegged payouts, withdrawals, refunds, and savings, diversifying stablecoin payment options to meet market demand will give ForumPay merchants access to a broader range of crypto spenders. 

To learn more about ForumPay-enabled cryptocurrencies, visit www.ForumPay.com.


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