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Accepting Payments From Any Digital Wallet


There are a handful of ways ForumPay stands out from other crypto payment solutions including instant price determination and enabling payments for any cryptocurrency. One of the most outstanding features is payment acceptance from any digital wallet. As more businesses take the leap to accept crypto payments, why have limitations attached to them? 

Opening Business to Crypto Spenders

With over 3 trillion dollars invested in crypto so far and growing, many businesses aren’t missing the opportunity to profit from the ever-growing crypto market. With something this revolutionary, merchants are eager to get their foot in the door early and access these statistically generous spenders. 

This is a great opportunity for any business looking to capitalize on a whole new market… but sometimes even that comes with limitations. Some crypto payment gateways are programmed to only accept certain cryptocurrencies from certain digital wallets. This sounds like a detour on the entire point of accepting crypto in the first place. And it is! 

Battling Wallet Limitations

What some crypto payment gateways don’t understand is nobody wants complicated payment experiences, period. Rounding up crypto spenders like cattle and guiding them towards a specific wallet and/or cryptocurrency is regressive. It’s forcing clients to take more time preparing a payment to suit the specific qualifications of that particular payment gateway. It’s just annoying and defeats the purpose of creating returning crypto-paying clients altogether! 

Accepting Crypto From Any Wallet

This fact is what inspired ForumPay to allow crypto payments from any digital wallet with any cryptocurrency. No matter what wallet or crypto a client uses, the crypto payment process is easy and unbiased. With ForumPay, clients aren’t forced to step aside, download the acceptable wallet, send funds from the old wallet to the new wallet, and wait for them to appear to only then complete the payment; they just open their wallet, scan the QR code or input the receiver’s wallet address and ForumPay takes care of the rest. 

Choosing A Crypto Payment Gateway 

It’s always wise to do some research before choosing the perfect crypto payment gateway for your business. Like any business decision, it requires some study of the crypto market around you and how that affects your target market to make a decision. The beautiful reality is that the crypto market is growing and the demand for crypto payments is on the rise with the potential of being the future of money and payments as we know them; but it’s still early and in the grand scheme of things it still has a way to go.

As it’s still developing, throwing all crypto payment options in one basket might result in some regret down the road. The leading cryptos and wallets now might not be the ones leading the way in the future – it’s impossible to know! That’s why enabling crypto payments from any wallet with any crypto is smart to implement from the get-go! 


ForumPay allows crypto-paying customers to pay from any digital wallet with any cryptocurrency easily. 
To learn more about cryptocurrency payments for your business, visit ForumPay and start accepting crypto in your business today! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more!


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


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