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Mastercard and Visa upping transaction fees

Mastercard and Visa increasing fees


Visa and Mastercard are reportedly preparing to increase credit card fees charged to merchants. According to sources reviewed by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), these fee adjustments will take effect in October.

The WSJ reported that many of these fee hikes focus on online purchases, potentially resulting in an additional cost of $502 million annually for merchants, as estimated by CMSPI. This consulting firm collaborates with merchants. CMSPI further analyzed that the bulk of this increased revenue would stem from elevated network fees, with the remaining portion originating from interchange fees, often referred to as “swipe fees,” which merchants pay when consumers use their credit cards.

When questioned about the matter, a Mastercard spokesperson refuted the WSJ report. The spokesperson clarified that there would be no changes to Mastercard’s interchange rates, and the single-referenced “change” pertains to an existing service provided to acquirers. This service can be activated as needed to enhance the security and efficiency of the checkout experience for consumers.

It is noteworthy that both Visa and Mastercard have faced scrutiny regarding their utilization of interchange fees. Recently, Block, the owner of the Square payments platform, filed an antitrust lawsuit, alleging that these companies conspired to inflate costs and consequently raise retail prices. Block asserted that these fees are intricate, challenging to calculate, and unavoidable, particularly now that Visa and Mastercard are increasing Square’s fees based on the number of merchant locations they serve.

Visa, Mastercard, and central banks have defended interchange fees by arguing that they help offset the costs of fraud prevention and innovation. Banks often allocate the funds from interchange fees to finance credit card rewards programs.

In light of the impending increases in credit card fees, there is a growing expectation that cryptocurrency payments will emerge as a more appealing and cost-effective alternative for both merchants and consumers. As credit card transaction costs rise, merchants may seek refuge in the lower fees associated with cryptocurrency transactions, potentially fostering wider acceptance of digital currencies. This shift could accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream payment method, offering users a more affordable and efficient means of conducting transactions while bypassing the traditional financial intermediaries involved in credit card payments.

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