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Is It Possible To Buy Real Estate With Crypto?


Let’s paint a picture:

The year is 2032. Some years prior you invested small sums of money in crypto and now that investment has yielded hefty funds. It’s time for you to buy a home. No need to dip into your hard-earned life savings or suffer the headache of cashing out your crypto. You simply buy your home with crypto directly from your digital wallet and look forward to living happily ever after.

Well, that’s precisely how the future of buying real estate is predicted to look! 

The Main Benefits of Buying Real Estate With Crypto

You might ask yourself “why would I want to buy property with cryptocurrency?” and there are many reasons. Cryptocurrency no longer solely serves as an investment opportunity, it now functions for much more than that. Cryptocurrency is currently the fastest-growing consumer segment of its kind; paying directly from a digital wallet for everyday goods or making large investments with crypto is becoming more common. 

  • Convenience: it is much easier using crypto to buy a house directly from your digital wallet. The alternative would be sending your crypto to an exchange, selling it, and moving the funds into a bank account as a taxable event to only then start the tedious buying process.

  • Universality: traditional currencies and banking can sometimes stand in the way of buying a property. Crypto eliminates third-party complications by being universal and available at the touch of a button. You can even buy a home with cryptocurrency on the other side of the globe without worrying about traditional currency exchange rates.

  • Simplicity: digital wallets and account addresses ensure safe transactions with public keys and private keys. Private keys are strictly owner-specific and can be used to sign and verify transactions on the blockchain. Due to this, buying real estate with crypto only involves the buyer and the seller, meaning you save time, steps, and fees.

  • Seller Benefits: aside from crypto being another source to fund real estate purchases, it is in the seller or agency’s favor to process crypto transactions. Funds are automatically accumulated and settled in the bank account of the seller, which is rarely the case. For more in-depth insight, check out this article where real estate broker, Joe Bettag, discusses buying real estate with crypto

Real estate offers much more than just price appreciation such as crypto […] Any crypto holder considering looking to buy real estate should have a good understanding of why certain markets in the U.S. are doing better than others from a demand/supply basis.” – Joe Bettag

How to buy a house with crypto:

Buying real estate with bitcoin obviously boils down to the seller or agency’s willingness to accept such payments, but it’s no longer up to the seller or agency’s ability to. There are many ways in which buying a home or property with crypto can be done. 

For example, BitPay allows people to purchase real estate with bitcoin and settle in fiat. ForumPay, however, allows people to purchase real estate with any cryptocurrency from any digital wallet with instant conversion to fiat at the best real-time rate anywhere in the world with daily bank settlements. 

ForumPay services offer huge advantages – instant conversions and a level of compliance to ensure confidence in the transaction.” – Joe Bettag

These services facilitate purchasing real estate with crypto and allow both value-appreciating investment strategies to merge towards a future of smart investments.
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ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


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