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How Cryptocurrencies Are Innovating the Real Estate Market


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions have enticed the real estate industry in recent years, but as crypto payments reach the masses, many brokers, agents, and homebuyers may never look back. 

The Main Benefits of Buying Real Estate With Crypto

You might ask yourself, “why would I want to buy a property with cryptocurrency?” there are many reasons. Cryptocurrency no longer solely serves as an investment opportunity; it now functions for much more than that. Cryptocurrency is currently the fastest-growing consumer segment of its kind; paying directly from a digital wallet for everyday goods or making significant investments with crypto is becoming more common daily. 

Using crypto to buy a house directly from a digital wallet is much easier than sending crypto to an exchange, selling it, and moving the funds into a bank account to only then start the buying process.

Buying Real Estate With Crypto

Buying real estate with crypto boils down to the seller or agency’s willingness to accept such payments; it’s no longer up to the seller or agency’s ability to. However, there are many ways to buy a home or property with crypto, whether through specialized utility tokens like ProperT, payment gateways like ForumPay, or crypto as mortgage collateral.

How Cryptocurrencies Change The Real Estate Game

No Intermediaries

Crypto payments remove the headache of intermediaries’ limitations and extra expenses for real estate purchases.


First-time buyers purchasing real estate with crypto grew 12% in 2021 alone.


A Surfside penthouse in Miami sold for $22 million, with buyers paying 100% of the selling price in crypto.

Diverse Investments

Each year more crypto investors choose to diversify their investments by purchasing real estate with their earnings.

Unfortunately, customers dropping hundreds of thousands at a time can turn away from a deal for the simple obstacle of payment complications; especially in multi-layer transactions.

Crypto payments solve that problem!

Unlike credit cards, wire transfers, or check deposits – cryptocurrency payments can be completed, verified, and settled within minutes and have no spending limits, intermediaries, or international fees and inconveniences. Further, as many purchase crypto for its value appreciating potential, it gives the term “money earnt is money spent” a whole new range, inspiring more to spend outside the limits of necessity.


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