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Upgrade Yacht Chartering With Crypto


What is the connection between crypto and yachts? The yacht industry is sailing into new and unexplored waters with the blockchain boom. How yachts are bought and chartered has drastically upgraded as cryptocurrencies enter the global economy.

The Crypto Influence

In 2009, when Bitcoin entered the scene, its impact was felt across industries globally, including yachts and boats. With the current market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at $1.1 trillion, these digital assets assert their significance.

Crypto-Powered Charters

Crypto in yacht charters is swiftly gaining momentum, including industry leaders like Borrow a Boat, Boatsters Black, and United Yacht Sales accepting crypto payments. These companies have adopted crypto payments to cater to their client base. This strategic upgrade simplifies transaction processes and bypasses the complications of bank interference on high-value transactions, making them the fastest payment option. 

Swift Transactions 

Cryptocurrencies introduce a game-changing advantage by accelerating international and high-value transfers on a grand scale, contrasting traditional obstacle-ridden and costly banking transactions, especially across borders. Thanks to crypto, transactions for yacht purchases are now executed seamlessly and efficiently.

An example is the recent 72-meter superyacht, Azteca, purchased using cryptocurrency. This deal, orchestrated internally by Ocean Independence, marks a significant milestone in the yachting industry’s growing fascination with crypto. Azteca boasted a value of €65,000,000 at the time of sale; the potential for integrating cryptocurrencies into high-value maritime transactions has undeniably taken center stage.


An essential advantage of cryptocurrencies is their capacity to provide robust security and privacy. Blockchain technology ensures tamper-proof and secure transaction records, enhancing trust in high-stakes deals. This added layer of confidentiality and immutability augments the appeal of cryptocurrencies as a reliable medium for conducting sensitive transactions within the luxury yacht industry.
An even more attractive payment security feature is zero chargebacks. Once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it can’t be modified or reversed by anyone, not the sender or receiver. This means there is no risk of chargebacks, refunds, or disputes, and the merchant can receive the payment instantly and securely.

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