We Care About Your Business

Your Success as a Merchant is Our Success as a Partner

From the first kickoff call, to the onboarding and integration process, to your own dedicated support rep, you will find that ForumPay is always here to help ensure your success.

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We are one.

At ForumPay we view our merchant’s success as our success.  We view our relationship with our merchants as a partnership, one we take very seriously. We pride ourselves on building trust with our merchants.

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Your peace of mind.

In today’s complex world of anti-money laundering and knowing your customer the challenges of an anonymous payment method such as crypto currency can be daunting. At ForumPay we use state-of-the-art technology leveraging Chainalysis to ensure all payments flowing through our system are reliable and not originating from nefarious sources. As a merchant you can rest easy knowing we are vetting each and every one of your transactions to ensure the source of funds is legitimate.

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We look ahead for your business.

Our technology, team and resources are here and ready to grow with you. Our proven model of scalability means that no matter how large your transactional volume grows or how big your needs become; we will be able to support you 100%.

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