A Crypto Solution for the Tourism Sector

Hassle free payment processing for the travel industry

Cryptocurrency is the ideal solution for travel agencies, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and more. You aren’t high risk in our book.

Frictionless Transactions

Faster approval rates
  • Crypto transactions are virtually frictionless and approve much higher rates than traditional methods like credit cards
  • Every transaction processed is analyzed for the source of funds to ensure their legitimacy.
  • More safe, approved and guaranteed transactions mean faster, easier access to funding for your players.

No Fraud / Chargebacks

Simpler business
  • The nature of cryptocurrency payments and the blockchain make it virtually fraud proof. If you receive an authorized transaction you can rest assured, it was made by the player.
  • All ForumPay payments are final and a refund or chargeback can never be initiated by the consumer.
  • No more leakage of funds from chargeback fees and representments.

Low Fees

Improve your margin
  • Our system removes third parties from participating in the transaction flow.
  • This translates to less hands in the pot and better processing rates for you.
  • ForumPay has a fixed transaction fee, percent of sale, with no other fess…ever.

Did we mention it costs less?

Due to less "middle men" you benefit from better rates.

We Understand Your Challenges.

At ForumPay we fully understand the challenges faced by the travel industry. The credit card world looks at travel and places it in a high-risk category. Making it incredibly difficult to find merchant services and allowing processors to charge ridiculous fees.

No chargebacks, no refunds, no hassles.

Cryptocurrency treats all merchants equal. There is no high-risk category and rates for travel companies are as low as any other merchant. No matter sector you are in ForumPay has a crypto payment processing solution that you can begin using today. No chargebacks, no refunds, no hassles.

Unleash the power of crypto to drive more revenue

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