Go Beyond Traditional Transactions

Cryptocurrency payment solutions to grow your business

Whether you are brick and mortar, ecommerce or a combination of both, ForumPay has a Cryptocurrency solution for your business. Gain instant access to the more than 200+ million crypto consumers using their wallets to purchase everyday goods and services.

Fast Settlement

Instant Money
  • ForumPay integrates with your existing POS system allowing consumers to check out instantly by simply scanning a QR code.
  • While the consumer is paying in crypto, alleviating the burden of holding cash in your store, ForumPay is instantly converting that crypto back to the currency of your choice and depositing it directly into your bank account every night.

Easy In-Store Purchases

Simple Process
  • With several integration options for online retailers, ForumPay allows your customers to shop and pay online. Enabling your business to operate more smoothly as in-store pickups no longer require payment onsite.
  • Crypto can boldly go where no credit card can. Making payments easy for your consumers means more revenue for you.

E-Commerce Solutions

Improve your Online Shop
  • Our system removes third parties from participating in the transaction flow.
  • This translates to less hands in the pot and better processing rates for you.
  • ForumPay has a fixed transaction fee, percent of sale, with no other fess…ever.

Unleash the power of crypto to drive more revenue

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