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ForumPay Partner Benefits

Direct Commissions

Earn commissions on all ForumPay sales at Merchants that have been referred by you.


Network Referral Commissions

Earn additional commissions on all ForumPay Merchant sales generated by your referred Partners’ Merchants network.

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How does ForumPay work?

If you’re a ForumPay Partner, you earn commissions by signing up Merchants and by signing up Partners. You earn commissions from your referred Merchants’ sales as well as sales attributable to the Partners you refer. The more referrals, the more commissions!

Step 1 Sign up new ForumPay Merchants or Partners on your account.
Step 2 Your referred Merchants, or your referred Partners Merchants, make sales using ForumPay.
Step 3 Earn commissions

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Getting started with ForumPay is simple and straightforward

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