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Frequently Asked Questions

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As a ForumPay merchant you get paid directly to your bank account, every day in the currency of your choice. You are never exposed to the risk of cryptocurrency and are guaranteed your payout amount for each and every transaction.

Consumers pay by simply scanning a QR code from their mobile device.  Checkout is nearly frictionless with this one, simple step.

We offer both a full API integration as well as a simple widget and button code.  The widget and button make your integration as easy copying and pasting a snippet of code into your web shop.

Yes, we can.  We offer a POS solution that allows you to ring up a transaction and print out a QR code for the consumer to scan in person.  Quick and easy, in person crypto payments.

The concept of a consumer-initiated refund or chargeback does not exist with a cryptocurrency transaction.  All transactions are final and cannot be reversed in any way by the consumer.

Yes, with our mobile app for Android you can accept crypto payments anyplace you have your device with you.

Due to the simplicity of the transaction, ForumPay transactional fees are lower than traditional credit card processing fees.  You pay a low percentage of sales with no other transactional fees ever!

Conservative estimates put the total number of cryptocurrency wallets in the market at over 150 million.  It is the fastest growing consumer base on the planet.

At ForumPay we take risk and compliance very seriously.  We thoroughly vet all of our merchants through our KYC and AML process.

ForumPay has a robust and generous partner program where you earn commissions on all ForumPay sales by merchants you have referred. Click Here to learn more.

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