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How to Accept Bitcoin Payments (and Other Cryptocurrencies, Too)


The digital revolution isn’t coming; it’s here. The world was already inevitably transitioning to digital with the introduction and growing popularity of apps like Apple Pay and Venmo, but the pandemic has turned the once-slow drip of developing tech and digital payment into an unstoppable flood. Adapting your business to accept Bitcoin payments is a substantial competitive advantage to have. ForumPay is the crypto solution you’ve been looking for, with all the benefits of accepting cash and credit but none of the risk, hassle, or costs.

Effortlessly Accept Bitcoin Payments and Other Cryptos

It’s possible to learn how to accept Bitcoin and other cryptos from scratch, but it’s no easy task to accomplish. Having the help of professionals makes a vast difference and will help your business flourish and grow into new markets. Cryptocurrency is very complex, but we help take the stress out of the entire experience. We have the unique skills and expertise in cryptocurrency to take all the ambiguity out of transactions and payments, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or an eCommerce merchant.

Cryptocurrency is the fastest-growing consumer base in the world, with over 160 million crypto wallets in existence. Our service allows you to effortlessly accept payments from any of those wallets at minimal cost: nothing compared to how much the greedy credit card companies hog from every transaction. We settle daily with our merchants in fiat, so there’s no associated crypto risk. We will also never ask you for chargebacks, reserves, holdbacks, or transactional fees—you have complete control over the checkout process with multiple integrations.

How to Accept Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is so convenient because anybody who has a crypto wallet can transfer their Bitcoins or preferred crypto to another person. However, you need to display a QR code that connects to your wallet while the other person moves the Bitcoins into your account.

There’s also another way to accept crypto that’s relatively similar to how merchants accept credit cards. It allows you to convert those coins into cold, hard cash. To do this, you merely sign up for a payment processing system that simplifies the entire transaction—and that’s where we come in.

We not only simplify the process, but we simplify it with none of the usual risks associated with accepting cash and none of the fees associated with accepting credit cards. When you’re a ForumPay member, all that risk is eliminated, but the actual transactional process is still the same as taking other standard payment options, such as credit cards. All of our merchants benefit from our convenient and straightforward transactions and payouts.

Choose Your Preferred Currency Payout

Our services are simple, fast, secure, and the conversion of crypto into your choice of preferred currency is instantaneous. When it comes time to open your account, you’ll have to choose how you want your Bitcoins converted. You can select any currency, which will payout directly to your bank account. Your customers can use any crypto they wish from any wallet, and we facilitate receiving payment for your goods or services. The ease and convenience this provides merchants of all kinds is why our customer base is growing exponentially every day.

Accept Crypto Payments at Point of Sale

Once you set up an account with us, you’ll be all set and ready to accept Bitcoin payments. For businesses with a physical location, emailing your customers a payment link is the simplest and most straightforward way to accomplish this. Or, you can give your customers a unique QR code, which we can generate. Either method makes accepting payment risk- and hassle-free.

Another method is to use a point of sale system to facilitate your acceptance of crypto payments, including Bitcoin and other options. Our system can seamlessly integrate with your cash register, making it incredibly simple to accept payments in crypto. We have several POS solutions, and your customers can use our app to pay with the crypto of their choice quickly and easily.

Accept Crypto Payments at Your Online Store

If you’re an eCommerce merchant, you know how difficult it is to accept different kinds of crypto without the high fees and risk usually associated with those kinds of payments, particularly for beginners. We take all the stress and complexity out of the entire process with your choice of an API, an iframe widget, or simple button coding so your customers can quickly pay with their preferred crypto, all without impacting the efficiency of your current checkout flow.

Our super simple method of getting you those crypto payments is by giving your customers a QR code. The QR code method makes checkouts much simpler, resulting in more transactions, more approvals, and more money in your pocket. With our service, you don’t need to invest to make money from crypto because you can accept any cryptocurrency type from your customers with ease. This means expanding to a broader customer base and ultimately making more money.


If you’re an online retailer, you have plenty of costs that go into keeping your business successful: paying your partners, content creators, and affiliates. Our service here at ForumPay is specifically designed to allow our customers to easily distribute an unlimited amount of payments all over the globe. Stop making payouts to hundreds of third parties and let us cut through the red tape for you.

The classic saying goes, «Work smarter, not harder.» Here at ForumPay, we work smarter and harder so you can reap the many benefits of accepting crypto in your store. Our team of crypto experts takes pride in your success, and we give you peace of mind since we use leveraging Chainanalysis to ensure all of your crypto payments are safe and reliable.

Are You Ready?

The world is changing, and the niche of convenient, contact-free service is expanding faster than ever before. Our services enable retailers and merchants to take advantage of the thriving cryptocurrency consumer base and harvest all the rewards of accepting anonymous digital payment with none of the risks.

We offer guidance through every step of the process to successfully integrate your payment systems to accept cryptocurrency. Contact ForumPay today for the best way to grow and adapt your business in the growing age of digital payments.


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


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