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We Attended Bitcoin 2023. Here Are Some Highlights!


Bitcoin 2023 was the most anticipated crypto event of the year and did not disappoint! With multiple high-profile guests and like-minded Bitcoiners, ForumPay was proud to show its innovative platform that enables secure, instant, and borderless crypto-cash transactions. From inspiring talks to connecting with Bitcoin-space businesses, let’s dive into some of the highlights from Bitcoin 2023 and look into ForumPay’s crypto payment platform.

Bitcoin 2023 Highlights

Diminishing USD and Federal Reserve Response

Markets analyst, Zoltan Pozsar, addressed issues such as the Federal Reserve and USD. He discussed the diminishing power of the dollar and if Bitcoin could be the world’s currency. By formerly working at Credit Suisse, Pozsar has had first-hand insight into the legacy financial market dynamics and described the Federal Reserve’s response to banking failures as “only half the problem.” 

He went on to discuss Bitcoin, stating, “When I look at Bitcoin, it’s a purely-private initiative. It’s clearly lacking a state link. But then again, things are evolving; there are a number of countries that have adopted Bitcoin as a legal tender, so things are definitely in flux there.”

“There’s a number of changes happening that I think we need to keep an eye on because it’s all going to be at the expense of the dollar’s share of commodity finance, trade finance, share of reserve assets, and so on.”

The Threat of CBDCs

Former USA Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard attended Bitcoin 2023 to discuss concerns around CBDCs and financial privacy threats. Her much-anticipated insight into government management and involvement in digital currencies gave Bitcoiners some concerns but, primarily, more hope in Bitcoin. 

“I served in Congress for eight years and ran for president in 2020, and while we like to have this idea that we have great courageous leaders in Washington … unfortunately, that’s not the case,” Gabbard said. “Ultimately, they’re driven by a fear of losing power and losing control, and, at the heart of it, they’re afraid of us. They’re afraid of a free society.”

She went on to criticize what she observes as the government’s blind desire for total control, eradicating educated free thinkers and explorers. This segued into her concerns about the rise of CBDCs and threats to financial privacy.

“The Biden administration’s move toward implementing a central bank digital currency is their latest effort towards exerting control and taking away our freedom,” Gabbard said. “No matter how many flowery words they use to deny that there is ill intent… no matter how many times they say, ‘Hey, this is for your own good’… But ultimately, we know this is about their insatiable mission and desire for total control.”

Protecting BTC

Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke at Bitcoin 2023 as his first appearance as a US presidential candidate. Like Gabbard, he spoke about his fears of the government taking totalitarian advantage of technology and his intention to protect the rights of Bitcoiners if elected. 

“As president, I will make sure that your right to hold and use Bitcoin is inviolable,” Kennedy said. “I am an ardent defender and lifelong defender of civil liberties, and Bitcoin is both an exercise and a guarantee of those freedoms.” 

He went on to say he would protect Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

“First, I will defend the right of self-custody of Bitcoin and other digital assets,” he said. “Second, I will uphold the right to run a node at home… Third, I will defend use-neutral, industry-neutral regulation of energy… Fourth, I will make sure that the United States remains the global hub of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies… I will reverse the government’s growing hostility toward this industry.”

ForumPay at Bitcoin 2023

ForumPay showcased its crypto-to-cash payment solution at Bitcoin 2023, with many Bitcoiners interested in the platform. ForumPay’s innovative solution allows individuals to pay for goods and services with the crypto of their choice, including Bitcoin. At the same time, merchants receive the payment in the fiat currency of their choice to bypass market volatility.

ForumPay can achieve this through its exchange, Limitlex. This exchange offers the best crypto-to-fiat rates and allows ForumPay to offer an instant settlement to merchants and will soon be available for trading to everyone. Some features that stand out about this platform are instant price determination, no hidden intermediary fees, acceptance of multiple cryptocurrencies, and functionality with all wallets.

This revolutionary technology yields plenty of benefits for industries worldwide. For multi-figure transactions, there are zero limits or additional intermediary steps, making payments instant and cost-effective. International transactions have no limits, hidden fees, chargeback errors, or currency exchange complications. These small yet significant differences are boosting the pace and efficiency of daily transactions, and ForumPay is making it easy for the masses.

To learn more about the ForumPay crypto payment solution making waves in the crypto space, visit www.forumpay.com today!


ForumPay does not disclose financial advice. Anything shared is strictly to inform, entertain, or share thoughts and ideas. Please seek a registered financial advisor if you are looking for financial advice.


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