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ECS Jets CEO, Jason Johnson, Discusses Processing Crypto Payments For Jets


We had the pleasure to catch up with Jason Johnson, CEO of ECS Jets to discuss all things crypto, jets, and his hopes for each of those industries. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jason has high hopes for processing crypto payments within the jet chartering industry across the globe. Learn more about how this ForumPay partner shares his perspective on the future of crypto payments. 

What made you decide to accept crypto payments at ECS Jets and how did ForumPay stand out from other crypto payment solutions?

Jason Johnson: We want to be ahead of the curve and crypto is the way to be.  It’s the easiest transaction between a vendor and a client and ForumPay stood out with its customer service, friendly demeanor, and knowledge of the product.  They are easy to work with and I am confident that we made the right decision. 

What would you say are the greatest benefits of processing crypto payments for jets with crypto?

JJ: The lower transaction cost and security make travel a modern-day reality.  Also the privacy, anonymity, and fewer banking delays and fees 

What setbacks, if any, do you think crypto payment processing for the jet industry could face and what information do you think is important to share to overcome them?

JJ: Price points are high for jet charters and people have to already pay high fees for wire transfers.  This makes it easier, more affordable, and more comfortable to make transactions.

What are your hopes for the coming years as far as crypto playing a role in the jet industry?

JJ: That crypto becomes the main form of payment for jet travel.  It’s synergistic and makes the most sense for people everywhere.  No matter where in the world you are, crypto will be available and easy.  

Before we go, we always like to ask our partners a simple question: what is your preferred cryptocurrency and why? 

JJ: Ethereum because. The transactions are after and it’s programmable.  

Is there anything else you’d like to share or mention? Go for it! 

JJ: Eventually I’d like to produce a club around private jet charter through NFT. I’d love to start planning for that with Forumpay asap. 

To learn more about crypto payments for the jet industry, visit us at forumpay.com/private-jet to get started today! To charter jets or yachts from ECS visit ecsjets.com or yachtsworldwide.com for more! And as always, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more on all things crypto!


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