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Crypto Deposits For Online Gameplay


Crypto deposits up the ante for online gameplay! While more people create passive and disposable income with crypto, enabling crypto deposits for online gameplay opens the doors to a new exciting audience.

How Enabling Crypto Deposits Inspires More Gameplay

Double Down

Crypto players, on average, deposit twice as much as cash or credit depositors. When depositing funds for online gameplay, many are inspired to raise the stakes, and crypto consumers are the first to ante up! Statistics show that crypto consumers are more generous with their money. Check out the bullet below.

Disposable Income

Crypto gives funds a whole new range, inspiring individuals to spend more disposable income on gameplay and sports bets. The term “money earnt is money spent” goes beyond a monthly salary. Most investments are frozen, but crypto stands out as an investment with immediate availability. The cash earned in crypto feels like a reward for many, giving them the potential to spend outside the limits of necessity. 


Stablecoins are more popular amongst players to decrease the risk of value fluctuation when depositing crypto funds. By exchanging traditional cryptocurrencies for stablecoins, individuals can lock in exact funds to deposit without suffering the risk of value fluctuation. Players can know how much money they are playing with without needing to suffer the headache of cashing out their crypto. 

Why should gaming companies accept crypto payments?

Unfortunately, players dropping hundreds or thousands at a time can walk away from a table for the simple obstacle of deposit complications or unavailable cash funds. Crypto deposits solve that problem!

Unlike credit cards, wire transfers, or cash deposits – cryptocurrency deposits can be completed, verified, and settled within minutes and have no spending limits, intermediaries, or international fees and inconveniences. Further, as many purchase crypto for its value appreciating potential, it inspires more to spend outside the boundaries of measured income.

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